Dog Services & Rates

Red sable longhaired dachshund relaxes with black and tan dachshund puppy

Dog Boarding

Canine Accommodations

Our canine guest quarters are state of the art. Each canine guest enjoys a private, spacious, climate-controlled indoor room connected to a large outdoor run. The spotlessly clean accommodations include a Kuranda Dog Bed for your pet's sleeping comfort. These beds provide soft, dry support and are particularly popular with our older guests and guests with short coats and tender elbows.


We are proud of our clean and flea free facility. To help us maintain our clean and healthy environment, all of our guests receive a bath during their stay at a reasonable charge. Medicated shampoos are also available for an additional fee.

Special Services


Would your dog relish some extra playtime? Does your pet live to play fetch, frisbee, tug or chase? Perhaps your senior pet would enjoy a quiet stroll to the river or a snuggle session? The extra attention of TLC can help your pet to adjust to being away from home and loved ones. At check in, schedule as many TLC sessions as you'd like.

Care and Management


Our daily board rate includes your pet's meals and snacks. We feed our guests NutriSource® pet food, the same high quality, premium pet food that we feed our own pets. NutriSource® foods are all natural, designed to give your pet an ideal standard of nutritional excellence. We have found that our guests like this food, thrive on it, and easily adjust to it.

Unless otherwise requested, we feed our guests once per day. We are happy to prepare additional meals, if needed, at a slight charge.

If your pet requires a special diet for medical reasons, we are able to accommodate his special needs for a modest fee. Please place individual portions of your pet's food in Ziploc bags clearly marked with your pet's name.

Snacks and Treats

As previously stated, our daily board rate includes snacks for your pet. Each day all of our pet guests enjoy wholesome, all natural snacks and treats. To pamper your pet even more, enroll him in our Yappy Hour, described in the Special Services section.


All pet guests have access to fresh, clean water at all times.

Pet Beds and Blankets

Your pet's comfort is very important to us, which is why we provide Kuranda Pet Beds for our canine guests. However, if you prefer that we use your pet's own bed or blanket, we will do so, provided that the bedding is completely washable in a normal capacity washing machine and you understand that we will launder it every day at a nominal fee.


Does your pet have a favorite toy? Just mark it clearly with his name and bring it along. Does your pet enjoy rawhides, pig's ears, or cow's hooves? We have a variety of chew toys available at check in. If you would like us to keep your pet supplied with chew toys during his stay, just let us know.


The safety of our guests is our utmost concern. To protect our guests, we allow only pets from the same household to share a room and/or play yard according to the instructions of the owner.

Also, our policy at Creature Comforts is to release a pet only to his owner, unless the owner specifically authorizes release to another named individual.



Creature Comforts requires proof of current vaccination for all pets boarded with us. The required vaccines for canines are DHLPP, Rabies, and Bordetella. You may provide written proof of vaccination from your veterinarian or ask a member of your veterinarian's staff to call us with the information.

Note: All canine guests must have a current Bordetella (Canine Cough) vaccine. Some veterinarians do not give this vaccination unless specifically requested. If you are not sure that your pet was vaccinated, check with your veterinarian. The vaccine should be given at least 48-72 hours prior to boarding.

Daily Health Record

Creature Comforts keeps a Daily Health Record for each pet. This chart guarantees that our pet care technicians get to know your pet "up close and personal" and treats him as an individual. The Daily Health Record contains special notes, requests, medication and feeding instructions, along with a checklist to ensure that your pet is adjusting to our facility, eating well, and eliminating regularly.


We will gladly administer any medication that your pet requires for a nominal fee. Please put only the number of pills needed for your pet's stay in a small Ziploc bag.

Medical Care

If your pet requires medical care during his stay, we have quick access to several veterinary practices located within a five-minute drive of the facility. We also have access to two after hour's emergency clinics.


Creature Comforts follows the highest standards of sanitation in order to protect your pet's health. We disinfect all animal areas daily, using hospital grade disinfectants.