Cat Services & Rates

Ginger tabby curls up next to fluffy white throw

Cat Boarding

Feline Accommodations

Our feline guests stay in a living room style cattery separate from our canine care areas. Your kitty will have his own spotlessly clean enclosure, complete with extra comfy bedding. Each day he will also spend individual time in one of our indoor playrooms, where he will have the opportunity to exercise or just "hang out." These playrooms feature real beds for napping, trees for climbing, and large picture windows overlooking the lawns, birds, and squirrels for your kitty's viewing pleasure.


We are proud of our flea free facility. To help us maintain our clean and healthy environment, all of our feline guests will be checked for fleas on arrival. If any signs of fleas are present, your pet will receive a flea bath at a reasonable charge.

Care and Management


Our daily board rate includes your pet's meals and snacks. We feed our guests NutriSource® pet food, the same high quality, premium pet food that we feed our own pets. NutriSource® foods are all natural, designed to give your pet an ideal standard of nutritional excellence. We have found that our guests like this food, thrive on it, and easily adjust to it.

If your pet requires a special diet for medical reasons, we are able to accommodate his special needs for a modest fee. Please place your pet's food in a Ziploc bag clearly marked with your pet's name.


All pet guests have access to fresh, clean water at all times.

Pet Beds and Blankets

Your pet's comfort is very important to us, which is why we provide orthopedic foam or fleece pet beds for our feline guests.


The safety of our guests is our utmost concern. To protect our guests, we allow only pets from the same household to share an enclosure or play room according to the instructions of the owner.

Also, our policy at Creature Comforts is to release a pet only to his owner, unless the owner specifically authorizes release to another named individual.



Creature Comforts requires proof of current vaccination for all pets boarded with us. The required vaccines for felines are FVRCP. You may provide written proof of vaccination from your veterinarian or ask a member of your veterinarian's staff to call us with the information.

Daily Health Record

Creature Comforts keeps a Daily Health Record for each pet. This chart guarantees that our pet care technicians get to know your pet "up close and personal" and treats him as an individual. The Daily Health Record contains special notes, requests, medication and feeding instructions, along with a checklist to ensure that your pet is adjusting to our facility, eating well, and eliminating regularly.


We will gladly administer any medication that your pet requires for a nominal fee. Please put only the number of pills needed for your pet's stay in a small ziplock bag.

Medical Care

If your pet requires medical care during his stay, we have quick access to several veterinary practices located within a five-minute drive of the facility. We also have access to two after hour's emergency clinics.


Creature Comforts follows the highest standards of sanitation in order to protect your pet's health. We disinfect all animal areas daily, using hospital grade disinfectants.